Realme GT Neo and Neo2 Software Update: Android 12-based Realme UI 3.0 early access registration is now live

Realme GT Neo and GT Neo2 are getting a new software update. In this article, you will check the latest software update about the Realme GT Neo and Neo2 smartphones.



Update 3, December 16 (09:01 ET) ― Realme UI 3.0 early access registration – Realme GT Neo2

Realme UI 3.0 early access application – GT Neo2

realme UI 3.0 based on Android 12 has finally arrived, and here’s your chance to enroll your realme GT NEO 2 in the realme UI 3.0 Early Access and experience it before anybody else.


Early Access Application

1. Make sure your realme GT NEO 2 has 60%+ battery.

2. Update your device to the required UI version → RMX3370_11.A.05

3 .Apply for the Early access via the Software Update Application channel:

(Settings → Software Update → Tap on the settings icon in the top right corner → Trial Version → Apply Now → Submit your details and finish the quiz).


Update 2, December 02 (10:22 ET) ― Realme UI 3.0 early access registration – Realme GT Neo

Android 12-based Realme UI 3.0 early access registration – GT Neo

Before the official Realme UI 3.0, realme smartphone users who are using Realme GT Neo will have the opportunity to experience the early access version that contains most of the features of Realme UI 3.0.

Check the complete official information – IMPORTANT

1. This registration is only open to users of GT Neo who are selling the version in China . Please pay attention to the official follow-up notice for other model adaptation plans.

2. After the device is flashed into the early version, the user data of the device will not be cleared, but we still strongly recommend that you back up the data before flashing: Settings -> Other Settings -> Backup and Recovery -> Backup and Recovery, select Please copy the backed up data to an external storage device for storage after the backup is completed;

3. As some third-party applications are not currently compatible with Realme UI 3.0, please update all applications to the latest version in the software store before upgrading to the early adopter version. If there are still compatibility issues, it is recommended to wait patiently for subsequent updates to adapt.

4. Please make sure that the phone has more than 10G internal storage space, otherwise there is a risk of upgrade failure. (Check storage space method: Settings>Other settings>Storage space);

5. Please make sure that your mobile phone has no ROOT and the battery is above 60%.

6. The voice wake-up function of Xiaobu Assistant is still being adapted due to the upgrade of the S version. It is temporarily unavailable and will be available after subsequent versions are adapted.

7. Please upgrade to the official version of A.29 before you can sign up for the early adopter version.

The first batch of early adopter version experience places:


500 people


registration time:

Registration will start at 16:00 on December 2nd, until full registration

Upgrade entry:

1. Phone settings-software update-gear icon in the upper right corner

2. Click-upgrade and early adopters

3. Register after filling in the information and confirming the agreement


Update 1, November 22 (19:16 ET) ― November 2021 security patch

A major update rolling out with November 2021 security patch and big changelog

Realme GT Neo2 is getting a new update with software version A.09. The update comes with several new changes and fixes. It also brings the November 2021 security patch and rolling out in China. Check the complete changelog below.

Update log


● Optimize system performance and safety, improve system stability and safety



●Optimize the game touch, improve the control experience of some games in multiple scenarios



● Optimize the brightness performance in some scenes of the rear camera

● Optimize the anti-shake effect in the normal video mode at the rear to make the dynamic video anti-shake performance stronger

● Optimize the skin color performance of camera portraits to make the captured portraits more natural and beautiful



● Improve power consumption in some scenarios and increase battery life


【Temperature rise】

● Improve the temperature rise performance of some small games, and make the body temperature rise more comfortable



● Improve the color display effect in some scenes


【The internet】

● Optimize mobile phone network performance in multiple scenarios to improve network smooth experience

● Fix the problem of probabilistic secondary card dropping signal in individual network community environment



● Enhance cross-screen interconnection function, enjoy high-end interconnection experience


【Tripartite Application】

● Support high-swipe display in Kuan application smart mode

● Adapt to the 90-frame high brush of Peace Elite (the game needs to be upgraded to the latest version) to further enhance the high brush experience



● Update Android security patch (2021#11)


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