‘Restricted Networking Mode’ could be a feature of Android 12

Android 12

Recently, we’ve reported about an expected feature of the upcoming Android 12 which may allow sharing Wi-Fi passwords with Google’s Nearby Share function. Now, new information coming about another functionality that could come with the Android 12.

According to the info, Google is working on a feature called “Restricted Networking Mode”. The company has developed a new firewall chain (a set of rules followed by the Linux iptables utility to allow or block network communication) to support restricted network modes.

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While the restricted networking mode is enabled through setting, only apps that hold the CONNECTIVITY_USE_RESTRICTED_NETWORKS permission will be allowed to use the network.

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This permission can only be granted to privileged system applications and/or applications signed by OEMs, this means that network access to all applications installed by the user will be blocked. However, it is not clear whether this new functionality will be a part of Android 12 or not.

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