Samsung and Sony to increase retail prices of mobile phones and TVs

As per the news, the two major TV brands, Samsung and Sony, said that the retail costs of TVs will rise, and the prices of new phones will increase by an average of 5-10% this year.

Additionally,  to TV panels that have risen by more than 80% since last year, the cost of other TV materials has also expanded by 30-50%. Overall, the cost of TV hardware has doubled, forcing the most terminal TV brands to increase prices.


Since late December last year, several automakers have seriously underestimated the auto market. Coupled with the prevalence of the home economy last year, the sales of electronic products such as smartphones and computers have soared.

This has led to a shortage of automotive chips that has gradually spread to More areas. The core shortage that is currently sweeping the world has spread to the home appliance industry.

The industry generally predicts that the shortage of chips may continue until 2022. With the improvement of the chip supply and demand structure, domestic industry chain companies are expected to benefit from the continuous upward trend of the current situation and the acceleration of the localization substitution process.


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