Samsung Care+ two claims per year

Samsung Care+ program in India now offers two claims per year

Key Points 

  • Samsung Care+ now offers two claims per year in India.
  • Samsung Care+ plan starts at INR 399 and is available globally.

Samsung India has recently announced a significant enhancement that will surely bring a smile to Galaxy users’ faces in the country. Yes, the customers can now make not just one, but two claims per year with the Samsung Care+ program.

The Samsung Care+ program offers valuable coverage for accidental damages and technical issues. Previously, users were limited to making only one claim per year. However, with this recent enhancement, Galaxy device owners get the opportunity to make two claims within a year.

This expansion of the Samsung Care+ program is excellent news for Galaxy device users in India. The program provides an extra layer of protection and peace of mind by offering coverage for Accidental damages, Screen protection, and Technical issues.


This enhanced coverage also ensures that Samsung users in India can continue to enjoy their devices without worries. The Samsung Care+ program covers a wide range of scenarios, including Hardware repairs, Battery replacement, Water damage repair, and Software range.

Accordingly, the Care+ program is available for a variety of Samsung devices, including smartphones and tablets, providing complete coverage for a wide range of products. To take advantage of the Samsung Care+ program, users will simply need to enroll their eligible devices and pay the required fee.

Samsung Care+ two claims per year


Samsung Care+ program in India now offers two claims per year

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