Samsung Discards Galaxy Z lineup due to Ukraine-Russian crisis

As we are aware of the fact that foldables are the future and Samsung has shifted its Galaxy Z series to its mainstream. While the “Z” is now a decent branding in the industry, Samsung has reportedly ditched it from its foldable phones in some European countries due to the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war.


As per the latest information, the company is now selling new foldable smartphones such as the Galaxy Fold 3 and Galaxy Flip 3 in certain Eastern European regions like Estonia and Latvia.

However, it looks like the Korean tech giant is making sure that the Z branding would also be ditched from the units available in the retail market. Also, it’s reported that the company has also printed Galaxy Fold 3 and Galaxy Flip 3 boxes without Z branding.

Currently, Samsung is keeping the “Z” branding for the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 in several Western markets, like the US and Latin America. Therefore, it looks like the company is trying to express its efforts against the Russian invasion of Ukraine by removing the Z sign that represents to Russian army.

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