Samsung Electronics and Samsung SDI formed special group to focus on electric vehicle research

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Samsung Group companies such as Samsung Electronics, Samsung SDI, Samsung SDS, and Samsung Electro-Mechanics have created a special group to focus on electric vehicle research, according to South Korea’s BusinessKorea.

It is reported that the working group is conducting research on electric vehicles from various perspectives at the Samsung Seocho Building in Seocho-gu, Seoul. It is worth mentioning that Samsung Group employees revealed that the group has recently dismantled a Tesla Model Y. Some analysts believe that Samsung formed this group to obtain orders for Tesla batteries and parts.


Samsung Group subsidiaries such as Samsung SDI, Samsung Electro-Mechanics, and Samsung Display have a clear division of labor, including but not limited to batteries, autonomous driving chips, automotive semiconductors, camera modules, and organic light-emitting diode (OLED) displays. Various core components of the car can be produced. In addition to powertrains, Samsung is also launching more core products.

Samsung LogoSo, if Samsung has the will, it can enter the car-making market at any time. However, Samsung Group entered the automotive business in the 1990s and suffered major failures. In addition, Samsung Group has previously made it clear that it does not build cars but instead acts as a supply chain to empower car companies, so it seems that Samsung is entering the electric vehicle market.

Previously, Samsung SDI, LG Energy, and Panasonic were competing for the development of 4680 batteries. Therefore, industry insiders believe that Samsung may have set up a special group on its own initiative to try to win more supply chain orders.

It is worth mentioning that Samsung Electro-Mechanics recently signed a 4-5 trillion won camera module supply contract with Samsung Electronics to supply version 4.0 camera modules for Tesla’s Model Y and S and Cybertruck trucks. The industry believes that if Samsung SDI provides Tesla with medium and large cylindrical batteries, Samsung’s overall competitiveness will be greatly improved.


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