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Samsung established a new semiconductor chip research lab in the USA

Samsung Electronics has established an advanced semiconductor chip research lab in Silicon Valley, USA. Which will proactively work on researching and developing 3D DRAM. The plan is to actively recruit excellent human resources from Silicon Valley and cooperate with various semiconductor ecosystems.

Going toward the details, the South Korean tech giant has set out to secure differentiated technological competitiveness in the future semiconductor market by creating a memory research and development (R&D) organization that will focus on developing a three-dimensional (3D) DRAM.

To be mentioned, 3D DRAM is a concept in which memory elements inside a chip are stacked vertically like an apartment. If transistors are stacked vertically, the burden of circuit reduction can be alleviated and capacity can be greatly increased, to offer cutting-edge technology.

Samsung said,

  • We are developing new DRAM structures using sub-10nm fabrication technologies. The new technology will bring higher capacity memory chips of up to 100Gb (for each chip). In 2013, Samsung was the first in the world to commercialize 3D vertical NAND flash memory, and it could be the first to develop 3D DRAM.


Samsung established a new semiconductor chip research lab in the USA

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