Apple officially teases Vision Pro ahead of February 2 launch

Apple is going to release its first headset model later this week, and ahead of its official unveiling the firm teases Vision Pro through a YouTube video. To be mentioned, the Apple Vision Pro is available to pre-order and will first be released in the USA and then be unleashed to more regions.

Going toward the details, Apple has released a new ad for the Vision Pro on its official YouTube channel, showing the various ways that the headset can incorporate spatial computing into the wearer’s environment. The ad is spotted with the title “Hello Apple Vision Pro” and starts with a man putting on the headset.

The video shows a man performing several tasks like watching a movie on a couch and making the screen bigger with a gesture. The video also shows other situations where the headset could be useful, including a FaceTime call, a man viewing a panorama, and a woman blocking out her surroundings.

Overall, the ad demonstrates wearing the Vision Pro and navigating the visionOS operating system. “Apple Vision Pro is here,” the video description says. “Now, digital content blends seamlessly with your physical space. You can do the things you love in ways never before possible.”

Apple officially teases Vision Pro ahead of February 2 launch

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