Samsung Galaxy SmartTag Plus goes on sale in South Korea

Samsung previously announced that it would sell the Galaxy SmartTag Plus anti-lost device in the United States on April 16. However, the US version was delayed and the Korean version became the first.

According to Samsung’s official website, the Galaxy SmartTag Plus anti-lost device is priced at 39,600 won, or about 230 yuan, in black and blue. It is available on the Korean official website and major retailers.

Galaxy SmartTag Plus was launched by Samsung in January when it released the new S21 series. There were two versions at that time. The Galaxy SmartTag uses Bluetooth technology to connect to the mobile phone, and the price is 29.99 US dollars, and it is currently on the market, while the Galaxy SmartTag Plus has added more precise ultra-wideband technology for 39.99 US dollars.

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In order to be able to use the UWB function, users need to pair with Samsung devices that also have a built-in UWB chip, such as Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, Galaxy S21 Plus, Galaxy S21 Ultra, or Galaxy Z Fold 2. Samsung also provides some augmented reality features to make it easier to find.

Compared with Bluetooth-based products, UWB technology is directional and can provide more accurate location information, especially when used indoors. Except for ultra-wideband support, SmartTag Plus works almost the same as other similar products.

At the same time, just like Apple’s “Find”, users will be able to use Galaxy devices to help find lost objects. Apple’s AirTags has not yet appeared and is expected to be unveiled at the spring new product launch on April 21.

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