Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 begins One UI 5.1 testing internally

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 begins One UI 5.1 testing internally

Samsung is surfing on the social media platform for its upcoming Galaxy S23 series nowadays. But in the meantime, the company has also slid its hands into the development of a new firmware – One UI 5.1. And it seems like we will soon get the first official view of this software product. As per the hints, Samsung begins the One UI 5.1 internal testing for the Galaxy Z Fold 4 devices.

The news is making its way from the doorsteps of CheckFirm – a Samsung firmware tracing group. Accordingly, the Korean tech maker is testing a unique and interesting software build with its foldable handset. Though the firmware details don’t suspect much, a possibility is that this new iteration testing on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 could be One UI 5.1.

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Talking about the version, the device highlights the build number One UI F936NKSU1CVLH. Now here comes another hint. The last fourth letter – C indicates that this build could be the One UI 5.1. If we take a careful look at the Android 13-based One UI 5.0 software updates, then the last fourth letter was ‘B’. Thus, there is a high chance to find this version as the One UI 5.1.

As usual, the testing is going on for the Korean models. Meanwhile, we might get a few more clues about the next One UI version in the Galaxy S23 series launch event (as per the leaks and rumors). Whatever the verdict is, we will keep you updated on this matter with the latest tweaks and pinches.

One UI 5.1 Features

The forthcoming upgrade is in hearsay to bring some goodies-like features for the battery aspects, multi-user concept, and eye-catching lock screen customizations. Apart from new segments, the software is expected to treat some previous functions and improve them with wise modifications. Let’s see what else Samsung will forge on its next One UI upgrade.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 begins One UI 5.1 testing internally

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