Samsung launches Smart Keyboard Trio 500 with DeX support

A few days ago, we disclosed the details of Samsung’s new Smart Keyboard Trio 500, which has production features to enhance your typing skills. Now, the latest keyboard has been released on the official website. Therefore, we do not waste any time checking its detailed information.

According to the official infographic, the new Samsung keyboard looks light and slim, so users can easily carry it. In addition, the input device can also be carried in a laptop bag when traveling.

In addition to the compact design, the Smart Keyboard Trio 500 also has some product features. It has Bluetooth capabilities, allowing users to type without worrying about delays and disconnections, and you can pair this device with three different gadgets at the same time.

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However, if you want to switch between paired devices, you only need to click a button on the keyboard itself. In addition, you can also customize the buttons of the keyboard according to your needs.

For example, you can select three favorite applications on the connected device, and then you can immediately launch them by pressing one of the three designated keys built into the keyboard.

In addition, users can use this keyboard to turn on DeX mode on their Galaxy smartphones or tablets. In this way, they can take notes, send emails, and complete work on the phone or tablet itself.

Finally, the Samsung Smart Keyboard Trio 500 will be available in early May, available in black or white. In addition, the price of the device has not been revealed, but for users who want to use a slim smart keyboard, we can expect to buy it at a reasonable price.

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