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Samsung presents new Screen Curtain feature with One UI 6

Samsung is currently testing the beta version of its latest custom skin based on the Android 14 operating system. Simultaneously, the One UI 6 brings lots of prominent elements and optimizations for your Galaxy devices and one among them is the Screen Curtain feature.

According to the information of SammyFans, the new One UI 6 update will bring an innovative feature called Screen Curtain to your Galaxy device. This new feature allows users to turn off only the screen when required while running an app. This will reduce the battery consumption and heat generation.

Also, this Screen Curtain function will not be supported during calls or games. While using this feature, users may face some issues as the element is currently in the beta phase. So try at your own risk.

How to get and use Screen Curtain

  1. Install/run Good Guardians from the Galaxy Store and select ‘Battery Guardian’.
  2. After running Battery Guardians, select Add to quick settings window from the screen curtain menu.
  3. Now, if you only want to turn off the screen while running the application, try running the screen curtain added to the quick settings window.
  4. When the screen curtain runs, information about the currently running application is briefly displayed and the display remains in a low-power state.
  5. To close the Screen Curtain, touch the screen twice or press the power key.

One UI 6 Screen curtain feature


Samsung presents new Screen Curtain feature with One UI 6

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