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WhatsApp introduces new features to enhance its users’ daily experience

After several small tweaks and enhancements, WhatsApp is presenting a giant bag of innovative features that will uplift the daily experience of users with the app. At the same time, it will help business customers to opt for various functions via the chat application.

Faster Chat Experiences with Flows

The WhatsApp features list for enhancing the daily experience begins with the ‘Flows’ introduction which ultimately delivers more options to enhance the user experience. As of now, users would be able to quickly pick their train seats, order a meal, or book an appointment without leaving the chat.

On the flip side, WhatsApp Flows will enable businesses to offer rich menus and customizable forms that support different requirements. The feature will soon reach consumers widely in the upcoming weeks.

WhatsApp features daily experience

Select your Payments Service

If you are residing in India then WhatsApp has a useful feature for you. Eventually, you can add items to cards and perform transactions using the method of your choice from all supported UPI apps, debit/credit cards, and more. Perhaps, things regarding this aspect will be as simple as sending messages.

WhatsApp features daily experience

Meta Verified Businesses on WhatsApp

Yes! Businesses will now receive verification from Meta which helps you know you’re chatting with the right business. Although for being a verified member, businesses demonstrate their authenticity to Meta and in return receive a verified badge, enhanced account support, and impersonation protection.

Meta Verified Features:

  • Let you create a custom WhatsApp page that is easily discoverable via a web search.
  • Multi-device support so multiple employees can respond to customers.

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WhatsApp features daily experience

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WhatsApp introduces new features to enhance its users’ daily experience

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