Samsung rumored to introduce first ‘slidable’ display smartphone

Samsung rumored to introduce first 'slidable' display smartphone

Samsung is back in rumors and this time for a slidable display smartphone. Yes! the company is planning to adopt a Slide-Out form factor for the smartphone display. Further, users could be able to see this new technology this year only. The latest information reveals that the company might introduce such a panel later this year.


The CEO of DSCC, Ross Young rolled out some images that prove a slidable display for the Samsung smartphone. Consequently, after seeing the images we got an idea that the Korean manufacturer could use two layouts for this Slide-Out factor. The first could showcase the right to left display, while the other could exhibit a top to bottom one.

Samsung slidable display smartphone

The rumors further suggest that this form factor gains a codename – Diamond. On the other hand, the new display format opens the way for Samsung to be the first-to-market maker. The company was working for a long time on the scrollable project. Seems like the users will soon get a chance to play with a new gadget and have an amazing scrolling experience.

Since rumors do not have any legs, so goes with this news as well. However, when we are talking about Samsung, speculations automatically turns into reality.


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