Samsung’s new ad once again mocks Apple

Samsung released a new “anti-Apple” “on the fence” ad this week, once again mocking Apple’s lack of foldable devices. In the ad, a man sits on a fence overlooking a retail store that looks a lot like an Apple store.

An Apple-like employee asked, “Hey, what are you doing up there? You can’t sit on the fence.” The man replied, “But over there at Samsung, they have foldable phones and epic cameras. His remarks attracted another “Apple” customer interested in foldable devices, while the fake Apple employee tried to convince him to leave, “We’re waiting for these devices to arrive.”

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The potential Samsung customer then replied, “Why, they already have it at Samsung.” The fake Apple employee replied, “Because that’s how we do things, we wait.”

Samsung has a long history of teasing Apple and insulting Apple devices in its ads to promote its products, and Samsung’s anti-Apple ads have picked up in recent months, especially in response to Apple’s lack of a foldable device.

Samsung Apple MockFor example, Samsung launched a first-to-market foldable device campaign in September, mocking the lack of innovation in the iPhone, while touting the Galaxy Z Fold and Z Flip features. “Apple, what’s wrong with the foldable?” Samsung asked.

Samsung is also encouraging people to “join the Flip camp” and opt for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip device instead of the iPhone 14. There is no word on when Apple will launch a foldable device, and Samsung did start selling foldable smartphones in 2019.

Early foldables had a long list of issues with screen quality and durability, which may explain why Apple has been waiting to launch a foldable device. Samsung’s newer foldables are more durable and have fewer issues, but they’re still expensive.


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