Samsung’s One UI May 2021 Security Patch fixes these vulnerabilities

Samsung is currently updating its countless Galaxy devices to Android 11-based One UI 3.0 / One UI 3.1 versions. However, many qualified Galaxy smartphones and tablets have received this major update wirelessly, but there are still many devices still waiting to taste the novelty of the latest One UI version.

In addition to major software updates, Samsung also releases new security patches every month to improve system security and provide better device protection. Currently, dozens of Galaxy devices have installed the April 2021 security patch, which fixes 21 CVEs from Samsung and 30 critical CVEs from Google.

Moving on, the South Korean technology giant has already started sending security patches for May 2021 to the Galaxy S21 series at the end of last month. In addition, Galaxy Z Flip 5G, Galaxy S20, Galaxy Note 20, and Galaxy A51 phones also joined the party with the latest security patches.

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As always, the company released details of the May 2021 security patch, which includes all CVEs fixed by this latest security update. According to the official security bulletin, the May 2021 security patch fixes 3 critical CVEs, 24 high CVEs, and 17 medium CVEs, while the previous update already contains 4, which are not applicable to Samsung devices. 1 piece.

List of CVEs fixed with May 2021 security patch

  • Critical

CVE-2021-0473, CVE-2021-0474, CVE-2021-0475

  • High

CVE-2020-25705, CVE-2020-11246, CVE-2020-11234, CVE-2020-15436, CVE-2020-29368, CVE-2020-11251, CVE-2020-11236, CVE-2020-11247, CVE-2020-11237, CVE-2020-11191, CVE-2020-11255, CVE-2020-11243, CVE-2021-0445, CVE-2021-0428, CVE-2021-0472, CVE-2021-0485, CVE-2021-0487, CVE-2021-0482, CVE-2021-0484, CVE-2021-0476, CVE-2021-0477, CVE-2021-0481, CVE-2021-0466, CVE-2021-0480

  • Moderate

CVE-2021-0375, CVE-2021-0387, CVE-2021-0369, CVE-2021-0382, CVE-2021-0368, CVE-2021-0374, CVE-2021-0378, CVE-2021-0379, CVE-2021-0384, CVE-2021-0370, CVE-2021-0372, CVE-2021-0377, CVE-2021-0380, CVE-2021-0383, CVE-2021-0386, CVE-2021-0388, CVE-2021-0371

  • Already included in previous updates

CVE-2020-11242, CVE-2020-11245, CVE-2020-11210, CVE-2020-11252

  • Not applicable to Samsung devices


* You can check the Android Security Bulletin in more details here

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