Seven new Spotify like daily playlist feature coming soon to YouTube Music

YouTube Music is a music streaming service, which has been adopting some good features from, soon to be shut down, Google Play Music. Now YouTube Music is bringing a new My Mix section that provides various playlists tuned according to your music taste, but currently, the new feature is not available for everyone.

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Youtube Music has supported personalized playlists in some form for a while, recently it included new ones. But the biggest difficulty with the existing Your Mix playlist is that it jumbles all your songs into a single list without any division based on genre or mood. With My Mix, which is similar to Spotify’s Daily Mix, YouTube Music will divide your music under seven playlists and allow you to manage over what you want to listen to.

According to Android Police, My Mix playlists have appeared only on YouTube Music’s web client and it also available on the mobile app. Google is either testing these changes for a limited group or is in the process of a wider rollout. YouTube Music is also working on a bunch of minor changes across the app that may soon appear for public users.

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