Strong demand for silicon wafers is expected to continue till 2023: Report

The global automotive chip supply that began in the automotive sector at the beginning of this year is still continuing. It has expanded to smartphones, home appliances, and many other fields. Chip manufacturers are also trying their best to increase production capacity.

In response to strong market demand, many chip foundries such as UMC have also been operating at full capacity. Chip manufacturers try their best to increase production capacity, and there is also a strong demand for related raw materials and components, and the demand for silicon wafers is very strong.

According to media reports, in the first quarter of this year, the shipments of silicon wafers of various sizes from wafer manufacturers Global Wafer increased month-on-month.

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People in the industry chain and research institutions generally predict that it will take a while for chip manufacturers to expand their production capacity from the beginning of the investment. The current shortage of chips is expected to continue for some time. Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger (Pat Gelsinger) is expected to last two years or more.

The chip shortage will continue for two years or more, which means that the strong demand for wafers will continue for some time. The media also mentioned in the report that Global Wafer expects strong demand for silicon wafers to continue until 2023.

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