Tencent launches its ‘electronic signature platform’

On April 8 Tencent declared the launch of its “electronic signature platform”, which will cooperate with partners to provide enterprises and individual users with secure and convenient electronic contract signing and corresponding evidence preservation services.

Through this product, users can sign an online contract with a designated party under the premise of real-name authentication, and save the signing process and results through blockchain technology throughout the entire process to ensure the validity of the contract.


Users can search for “Tencent Electronic Sign” on the mobile terminal through the WeChat applet or search for “Tencent Electronic Sign” on the Tencent Cloud official website product on the PC side. As reported, the current Tencent e-signing platform has given services to customers in various industries such as education, real estate, and logistics.

long with this Tencent’s electronic signature platform also cooperates with professional SaaS service providers such as well-known Chinese electronic certification service organizations and the University of Law. Tencent Electronic Signature includes “small receipt” and “small contract” products based on WeChat applets.

Small receipts can help users confirm the true identities, payment purposes, and amounts of both parties, and quickly generate standardized, non-tamperable transaction credentials.

The person in charge of products signed by Tencent Electronics revealed that the “small contract” based on the WeChat applet will be launched soon, and users can directly sign more scenarios and more complex contracts through the WeChat applet.


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