These are the top 7 most liked IDEAS (Features) from the first round for the next version of OxygenOS

Two weeks ago, OnePlus started the IDEAS 2.0 program and the company has received around 2000 new features ideas. From all the received ideas, OnePlus has now selected 7 top most liked ideas from the first round.

The OS team is now reviewing and evaluating the selected ideas. After the internal discussion, the company will reply to all the top 7 ideas by October 23.



The 7 new feature ideas include:

  1. Hole punch camera notification alerts
  2. Desktop Mode
  3. Dark Mode customizations
  4. Partial screenshot
  5. Classic layout
  6. Improved Camera optimization
  7. Add an FPS counter.

OnePlus will decide which post is coming or not in the next version of OxygenOS. Till that time, you can also check the complete round-up of OnePlus OxygenOS 11 – go here.

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