These solutions could resolve green line issues in OnePlus 8 series

OnePlus 8 green line issues solutions

OnePlus 8 series users continue to trip along with the green line issue after installing the latest OxygenOS 13 firmware. The company hasn’t appeared with any fixes regarding this defect till now. However, here are a few solutions that might help the OnePlus 8 series users to figure out the green line issues.

It’s not the first time when OnePlus smartphone users are dealing with green lines or green shade defects. Although, in the past few days, the issue mainly occurred in the OnePlus 8 series including the standard model, the Pro variant, and the OnePlus 8T handsets.

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Another notable point is these issues are lining up after OxygenOS 13 upgrade. Although, we cannot blame the latest operating system as many devices attained the OxygenOS 13 and are working appropriately and effectively.

So where the issue is being generated from? Well, a OnePlus 8T phone user reported that there could be a bug in the Adaptive Brightness feature, and not a fault in the display or the upgrade. Yet, there isn’t any confirmed conclusion.

OnePlus 8 green line issues solutions

Solutions for OnePlus 8 series green line issues

While it’s unknown when the company will take some measures to resolve the green line defect for the corresponding models, here are some tips that could relieve the issue to some extent. You can check and try these accordingly.

  • Switch Off Adaptive Brightness: Try switching off the Adaptive Brightness feature. Further, instead of an automated function, set the brightness level manually as per your preference.
  • Enable Eye Comfort: If the bug is due to the color enhancement software modules then the Eye Comfort feature could disable it.
  • Factory reset option: You can also give a try to the factory reset option.
  • OnePlus service center: In case the above options don’t help, visit the nearest OnePlus service center. As per a Twitter handle, The technicians will replace the screen free of cost if your phone has no dents, or scratches on the body.

So OnePlus 8 series users, try these options and let us know whether they solved the issue for your respective device or not.

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