OnePlus image privacy feature

This useful OnePlus feature ensures more privacy while sharing image

Throughout the years, OnePlus has continuously brought in new features for smartphone owners. And today we are up to mention a valuable OnePlus feature that helps in maintaining your privacy even while sharing an image.

Yes, there is one function that needs your attention and it is called ‘Privacy Protection‘. Wait! The feature has already been there for a long time, then what’s new about that? Let’s find it out.

Recently, a OnePlus fan bumped into the community forum and asked how he can remove sensitive information from photos and make them more secure when sharing them with others.

In response, the OnePlus moderator has dropped a few useful suggestions. Further, he highlighted some major ways that help in making media content safer and more secure.

Eventually, at the time of sharing photos or videos from Photos, My Files, or third-party applications, users can manage to remove geographic information and other properties to protect their privacy. For instance the photo or video name, shooting time, device model, and camera parameters.

For doing so, you can visit the settings page of the ‘Photos’ app. Thereafter, select the ‘Privacy Protection’ option and turn on the ‘Remove Location’ or ‘Remove other properties’. This will ultimately erase the specific inputs from the content.

OnePlus image privacy feature

On the flip side, you can directly access the Privacy Protection tab at the top of the page, while sharing photos or videos. If you see the respective option, select the ‘Remove location’ or ‘Remove other properties’.

Privacy acts as a vital element for smartphone users. Thanks to OnePlus for keeping it as a priority in its products and polishing it with every new upgrade. Herein, you can opt for the above-noted points to remove sensitive detail from your images.

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OnePlus image privacy feature is quite effective to use. And who knows, we could find more enhancements to this tool with the upcoming OxygenOS 14. In the meantime, let us know what are your expectations from the next OxygenOS upgrade, in the comment section.

This useful OnePlus feature ensures more privacy while sharing image

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