BGMI 2.5.0 update features

Top Recoil Control Tips for BGMI – Stay on Target!

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is a popular battle royale game that demands strategy, quick reflexes, and pinpoint precision. Recoil management is one of the most critical techniques for novices to master.

Recoil refers to the upward movement of a weapon’s barrel following a shot, which can cause rounds to miss the target. By following some of the tips, BGMI beginners can improve their recoil-control skills and raise their chances of success on the battlefield.

Use attachments to your advantage

  • BGMI includes a variety of attachments that can help with recoil control. Vertical and horizontal recoil are reduced with attachments like the Vertical Foregrip and Angled Foregrip. Compensators and flash hiders can also help to reduce recoil.

Sensitivity settings master 

  • The sensitivity settings on your device are critical for recoil control in BGMI. Experiment with various sensitivity levels for your camera and ADS to see what works best for you. Lower sensitivity allows for more precise control, particularly in long-range encounters. Higher sensitivity, on the other hand, enables faster movements, which is useful in close-quarters combat.

Choose your Weapons wisely 

  • Understanding the weapons you employ in BGMI is the first step toward mastering recoil control. Each weapon in Battlegrounds Mobile India has a distinct recoil pattern. Some firearms have vertical recoil, whereas others veer to the left or right. Experiment with several guns to gain a sense of their recoil patterns.

Master the art of dragging down 

  • Most guns in BGMI exhibit vertical recoil, meaning the weapon kicks upward when fired. To counter this, develop the habit of dragging your aim down while shooting. As you fire, gently pull your crosshair in the opposite direction of the recoil. This technique helps keep your shots on target, especially during extended sprays.


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BGMI 2.5.0 update features

Top Recoil Control Tips for BGMI – Stay on Target!

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