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Fortnite: Second set of Triarch Aurora Quests is here

The second set of Triarch Aurora Quests is here, so Fortnite players can continue to increase their account level. With the help of this level-up pack, players can increase their season level by a total of 28 levels, as long as they collect the Triarch Tokens scattered throughout the Fortnite map.

Players can also collect seven Triarch Tokens released with the second set of level-up quests, which means they will be able to increase their Fortnite account level by a total of seven levels. To do this, they must find all the tokens scattered near the Sanguine Suites POI.

Finishing the second set of Triarch Aurora Level Up Pack Quests will make players eligible to unlock one of the pack’s rewards. Once players have collected a total of 14 Triarch Tokens, they’ll be done with the pack’s second Bonus Goal, and they will receive the Blazing Dawn wrap.

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Fortnite: Second set of Triarch Aurora Quests is here

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