Tunic isometric adventure game is temporarily available on Steam

A demo of the Tunic isometric adventure game is temporarily available on Steam. A new gameplay video has been published.

The Tunic is an isometric game similar to The Legends of Zelda. The main character is a little fox. As part of the LudoNarraCon festival on Steam, the developer has released a time-limited demo.

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Previously, the demo was already available last year at one of the Steam festivals. There were no significant changes to the demo.

The fox cub will have to explore the eerie ruins. The game has a combat system, you can use rolls (there is a bar of endurance). After death, the hero is reborn on a kind of altar. You can also find weapons, a stick, and a sword was presented in the video.

There is no information on the release date of the game yet; a version for the Xbox console is also in development. The demo will be available until 20-00 (Moscow time) on April 26.

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