TSMC invested 2.8 billion USD in response to the global chip shortage

TSMC, the leading wafer foundry, held an interim board of directors today to approve a capital budget of US$2.887 billion, equivalent to approximately NT$79,392.50 million. It is expected to build a plant in Nanjing with a monthly output of 40,000 wafers for 28nm production capacity.

The company stated that in order to meet the increase in structural demand and to meet the challenge of expanding global supply from the shortage of automotive chips, the interim board of directors approved a capital budget of US$2,887 million, equivalent to NT$79,392 million, to build mature process capacity.

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TSMC plans to build a 28nm production capacity with a monthly output of 40,000 units in its Nanjing plant in mainland China. The new capacity is expected to begin gradually in the second half of 2022, reaching a monthly output of 40,000 units in mid-2023.

The Nanjing plant has an original production capacity of 20,000 pieces of 16nm. TSMC said that using the existing plant in the Nanjing plant to expand production is the fastest way to provide the 28nm production capacity that global customers urgently need.

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