Twitter updates its app for iOS introducing new share tweet menu

Twitter has made some changes to its app for iOS users. It has been testing a new feature since few days for iOS devices. The feature has introduced a redesigned menu in its app for iOS users and it is now available to download on App Store.

Here are the new changes 

The app will now provide easy access to your recent Twitter contacts and shortcuts to apps like Messages, Whatsapp, and Mail. Now you can easily share anything from twitter directly from the new Share Tweet menu. It shows all the apps you have installed with the share option enabled.

You can still access the native iOS Share Sheet in the Twitter app, but it requires you to access the new Share Tweet menu and then tap the ‘share via’ option. With the new update on Twitter sharing a tweet has become easier. It will now provide you shortcuts for the recently interacted message on Twitter, so you can easily share a tweet with your friend or anyone.

Although the new sharing sheets may not have some features such as contact suggestions from other app and rearranging the available options. If you want to use new menu settings make sure that you have the latest version of Twitter installed on your iPhone or iPad.


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