WhatsApp iOS redesigned buttons

WhatsApp iOS is getting redesigned app buttons with stable update

WhatsApp continues to add impressive features to the iOS application and in the latest development, the company is bringing redesigned buttons to enhance the user interface. New tweaks are coming via a stable update and are available to a limited number of users at the moment.

Spotted in the iOS build 23.18.78, WhatsApp is adding redesigned app buttons to the home page. Notably, the new style is available in other sections of the application, instead of being confined to the chats tab.

The new button outlook offers a sneak peek into the ongoing efforts and hints at how the company is efficiently optimizing the user experience. At the same time, the information suggests that WhatsApp may explore more modern styles for the app buttons with the upcoming updates.

Speaking of the changelog, it still mentions certain features from the past builds and doesn’t show the presence of the respective addition. But do not stress as you will see the new changes after installing the latest version from the App Store.

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WhatsApp iOS redesigned buttons


WhatsApp iOS is getting redesigned app buttons with stable update

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