Xiaomi and OPPO developing their own 5G mobile chips internally

Xiaomi and OPPO are developing their own 5G mobile chips internally, and Unigroup Zhanrui is also developing next-generation 5G chips.

As reported, Xiaomi and OPPO self-study 5G chip or handed over to TSMC foundry production, is expected to be officially released later this year or early next year.


The first model furnished with the expected release in the first half of next year, but mainly used for low-end On the market for smartphones.

Xiaomi launched its first self-developed chip, the Surging S1, in 2017, which was carried on Xiaomi’s 5C mobile phone, but it has never been seen since.

At the end of March this year, Xiaomi launched the surging C1 chip at the spring new product launch conference, but the chip is only an ISP image processing chip. OPPO has never released a self-developed mobile phone chip.


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