Apple will use LTPO screen technology in iPhone 13 series

According to the report, Apple will utilize LTPO screen technology in the iPhone 13 series. The energy efficiency of LTPO helps keep the iPhone running at a refresh rate of 120Hz, probably without affecting battery life.

So far, all iPhone phones use 60Hz display screens, this means that the content on the screen changes 60 times per second, or once every 16ms. The update frequency of the 120Hz display is twice that, that is, it is updated approximately every 8ms.


This makes user interaction more sensitive, such as when scrolling through lists or sliding between pages on the home screen. Since 2017, ProMotion has been a major feature of the iPad Pro series, even though the iPad uses an LCD instead of an OLED display.

In the past few years, many Android phones have adopted high refresh rate screens. Now, it’s Apple’s turn to enter this circle with the iPhone.

A common problem encountered on Android systems is that running at a high refresh rate will significantly affect the battery life of the device. Some Android phones will use 60Hz by default even if the screen supports 120Hz.

It is expected that the iPhone 13 series will maintain the same battery life characteristics as the iPhone 12 series. The power consumption of the iPhone 13 components will actually be about 15% lower than that of the iPhone 12.

Part of the reason is due to the use of a more power-efficient LTPO display. Apple is expected to release the iPhone 13 series in the fall, which is around September this year.



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