Xiaomi Mi Notebook Windows 11 upgrade plan released

Windows 11

Microsoft Windows 11 was launched at the end of June this year. Recently, Xiaomi announced that the enhanced version of the RedmiBook Pro 15 is the first Xiaomi laptop to receive the Windows 11 upgrade.

Other Xiaomi notebooks and RedmiBooks that meet the upgrade requirements will receive system upgrade pushes one after another.


Windows 11: Changelog

  • The new design and sound are more modern, neat, and beautiful, which is refreshing.
  • In the “Start” menu and its content, the user is the center. The powerful performance of the cloud and Microsoft 365, show users the documents they have recently viewed on various devices.
  • The snap layout, snap group, and virtual desktop functions can handle multiple tasks at the same time and optimize screen space.
  • The taskbar integrates Microsoft Teams chat, making it easy and quick to chat with your contacts.
  • Personalized reminder function widgets driven by AI can quickly provide all kinds of information you care about.
  • With technical support such as DirectStorage API and Auto HDR, Windows 11 can give full play to the hardware potential of the system and provide a better Windows PC gaming experience.
  • The newly designed Microsoft Store makes it easier for you to search and discover your favorite apps, games, shows, and movies. At the same time, it can provide the download and run function of Android applications, and can easily use various mobile applications. This function will be launched in preview versions for Windows Insiders in the following months.
  • Windows 11 has further improved accessibility features specifically for people with disabilities.
  • It is more friendly to developers and will provide new developer tools to improve the development of local and web applications, allowing developers to more quickly match their application interface with the new system.
  • Optimized for speed and efficiency, and improved the touch, stylus, and voice input experience.
  • Windows 11 ensures security from the design source and has a simple and familiar IT deployment and management, bringing a new experience of a safer and more comfortable way of working.

Mi Notebook Windows 11 Upgrade Plan:

Microsoft adopts a phased launch method. The push time of models that meet the minimum hardware requirements varies from device to device. Those who can’t wait can download the image and install it through the official website. Of course, make sure to prepare a backup.

Xiaomi Mi Notebooks that meet the upgrades will receive Windows 11 pushes in batches one after another. Those who have not received the push for the first time should not be afraid.

If you are not ready for the upgrade or your PC does not meet the upgrade requirements, you can continue to use Windows 10. Microsoft’s official support for Windows 10 will continue until October 14, 2025, and the next feature update of Windows 10 will also be available. It will be launched later this year.

It should be mentioned that the following laptops will get the update in China. Currently, there are no words on its international release.

List of Mi NoteBook:
  • Mi Notebook Pro 14
  • Mi Notebook Pro 15 OLED
  • Mi Notebook Pro X
  • Mi Notebook Pro 15.6”
  • Mi Notebook 15.6”
  • Mi Notebook Air (Intel 8th Gen Models)
  • Mi Gaming Notebook (Intel 8th Gen Models)
List of Redmibook:
  • RedmiBook Pro 14
  • RedmiBook Pro 15
  • RedmiBook Air 13
  • RedmiBook 13
  • RedmiBook 14
  • RedmiBook 14 Ⅱ
  • RedmiBook 16
  • Redmi G Gaming Notebook
  • Redmi G Gaming Notebook (2021)

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