Xiaomi MIUI 14 has new way to share photos

Xiaomi MIUI 14 photos share

Xiaomi MIUI 14 comes with a bundle of prominent features, that are aspired to make the user’s experience more prominent than ever before. One of the most noticeable elements that we found in MIUI 14 is that, it has a new way to share photos and videos from the gallery of your Xiaomi device.

Capturing pictures and sharing them with friends and family has become one of the most prevalent habits nowadays and it too seems quite boring to tap on the same old share button and transfer pictures. To help you out with this, Xiaomi brought a unique and more efficient manner to share photos with MIUI 14.

A new way to share photos

After installing the latest Android 13-based MIUI 14 software, users will be able to share or transfer their pictures and videos with just a single swipe. Yes, now you don’t need to tap on that the share switch and then specify the sharing method. Instead, now just swipe up your finger and transfer the files.

This new feature will make the sharing process more quick and relevant and promote the user experience which is the foremost aim of the latest custom skin. However, there are various Xiaomi device owners who are not aware of this feature, and if you are using it? Then let us know, which sharing method you like the most.

Xiaomi MIUI 14 photos share

Not only this but with MIUI 14, the Chines tech giant has brought several more advancements in the sharing section like the on-device privacy future, which is made to ensure the data privacy of Xiaomi devices

On Device Privacy

On-device privacy is a standout feature that ensures your data is processed on your device alone, without external devices or servers. This will minimize the risk of leaking data during transmission. On-device privacy protection mechanisms also allow MIUI 14 to recognize text on images quickly and accurately by using the capabilities of your device.

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