Xiaomi tipped to launch new smartphone with 200MP camera

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In November 2019, the Xiaomi CC9 Pro series was released, and Xiaomi opened the era of 100 megapixels. With its 100-megapixel ultra-large bottom and excellent software adjustment, the Xiaomi CC9 Pro Premium Edition once topped the DXOMARK list, becoming one of the smartphones with the best image performance at that time.


After nearly 3 years, Xiaomi is about to open the era of 200 megapixels. Today, developer @kacskrz broke the news that a Xiaomi phone with a 200-megapixel Sensor will be released soon.

Xiaomi new logoAt present, the specific details of Xiaomi’s 200-megapixel new products are still uncertain. At present, Samsung has released two 200-megapixel Sensors, one is HP1 and the other is HP3, of which HP1 has a higher specification.

Specifically, the size of the Samsung HP1 sensor is 1/1.22 inches, the unit pixel area is 0.64 μm, and it supports ChameleonCell pixel synthesis. In a dark light environment, Samsung’s 200 million pixels can synthesize 1.28μm large pixels to generate 50-megapixel proofs, or synthesize 2.56 μm large pixels to generate 12.5 megapixels proofs, and the image performance is worth looking forward to.

Compared with the 100-megapixel HMX used by the Xiaomi CC9 Pro series, the Samsung HP1 has a larger sensor size (HMX is a 1/1.33-inch outsole) and has a stronger light-sensing ability, which theoretically will provide better nighttime imaging.

At present, the Xiaomi series product line includes the Civi series, digital series, and MIX series. Xiaomi 200 megapixels should be applied to one of the above three series of models, which is worth looking forward to.

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