Xiaomi to introduce MIUI 13, the next version after MIUI 12.5 on June 25

MIUI 13 release

In April 2020, Xiaomi released the new version of its custom skin, MIUI 12, which comes with a bunch of new features. After its release, we started hearing rumors about MIUI 13 features.


However, in December 2020, Xiaomi unexpectedly announced MIUI 12.5. It became famous in one stroke, and we haven’t even heard of MIUI 13 since. Currently, MIUI 12.5 is the newest version of the MIUI.

Now, according to the new information, the MIUI 13 presentation may be closer than expected. In addition, it has reported that Xiaomi will make its debut in the second quarter of 2021 in China.

As per the report, it seems that the next version of the MIUI, MIUI 13 may be launched on June 25, 2021. However, the date is still undetermined, but if you consider the first release date of MIUI 12, the date is not far away.

Earlier, we’ve heard about some new features that could come with the next version of the MIUI. MIUI 13 will primarily aim to improve system performance and stability. Although we will see some new features in its interface, its main innovation may come from within, or it may come with expected desktop mode.

In addition, it is said that there will be a series of new optimizations, animations, and features, as well as the company will also bring a new super Super wallpaper tool, which will be integrated into MIUI 13, where users can develop their own super wallpapers.

There is no doubt that our expectations of MIUI 13 are radical changes in Xiaomi’s software division management. Currently, there’s no more information about the MIUI 13 features and release date. But we will come up with new details soon, so stay tuned.

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