We’re in new year and December 2022 update still missing for OnePlus 10 models

December 2022 update still missing for OnePlus 10 models

OnePlus has baked several offerings for this year. In a few moments, we will have the iconic flagship – the OnePlus 11 launched news among us. On the side hand, the bashing Buds Pro 2 is also making its way to the consumer platform. But it looks like in the hustle and bustle of the launch event, the company forgets to feed their OnePlus 10 models with the December 2022 security update.

Yes, we have already started surfing in 2023 – a new year and still OnePlus has not served its OnePlus 10 device holders with the December 2022 improvement patch. It’s quite strange at a side, since the OnePlus 10 Pro, and OnePlus 10T counts as high-end models of the company. Yet they are far away from the benefits of the latest-released security package.

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Meanwhile, the Chinese manufacturer has distributed the respective security patch to other gadgets or we should say the previous models. For instance – the OnePlus 8 series, the OnePlus 9 handset, and even many of the Nord handsets. You can learn about the devices that have received the fresh December 2022 security patch – HERE.

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Well, the delay in the security patch rollouts could be the side effect of the OnePlus 11 launch event. As per our previous reports, the company was busy implementing tech-pack elements in the dynamic handset. Hence, at some point, we can consider the slow-down in the update distribution for the OnePlus smartphone in recent days.

December 2022 update still missing for OnePlus 10 models

However, the bizarre is the tech maker skipped the OnePlus 10 models and started fetching the fresh security patch for its other gadgets. And the irony is, OnePlus 10 Pro and 10T device users have been suffering from numerous bugs and issues, yet there is no news of getting a new update. Moreover, it seems like the OnePlus 10R has just left the company as we didn’t get any tweaks on this smartphone.

The uncertainty of the December 2022 update for the OnePlus 10 models remains the same for the moment but we will keep you posted as soon as we catch any tickles on this matter. Although we hope to get the good news of this info very soon.

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