OnePlus 10 Pro users facing battery issues, due to OxygenOS 13?

OnePlus 10 Pro users facing battery issues, due to OxygenOS 13?

OnePlus 10 Pro has recently received the stable OxygenOS 13 major update. Although the new update showcases a huge bag of interesting features and functions for the eligible devices. Yet, a few OnePlus 10 Pro users are in trouble due to battery issues after gaining the latest OxygenOS 13 upgrade.

Recently, a user reported battery issues in his OnePlus 10 Pro phone. As per the statements, the corresponding handset owner is constantly experiencing bad battery life with the OxygenOS 13 firmware. In other words, the battery begins draining even when the device is not in use.

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On the flip side, the user also mentions that it’s not only the battery but the camera and display that are also creating some or the other issues in the device. Consequently, the OnePlus 10 Pro holder requests the company on taking some measures and improving the defects with a new update.

Following the thread, another user commented that the battery consumption goes from 50% to 0% within 1 hour of usage, whereas the notification slide bar will hang when trying to return to the home screen after using some applications.

Reason for OnePlus 10 Pro battery issue – OxygenOS 13 or Snapdragon chipset?

While the user was describing the encountered issues, a consumer said that the problems are not due to the OxygenOS 13 but are the result of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor. In recent times, phones equipped with respective chipsets are undergoing the same issues.

OnePlus 10 Pro processor 8 Gen 1 is the reason behind battery drain and overheating. Every phone which came with 8 Gen 1 had trouble.

On the contrary part, a few users even affirmed that they are getting some incredible battery performance after the latest OxygenOS 13 firmware upgrade. Probably, the happening could be a reflection of the adaptation process.

OnePlus 10 Pro users facing battery issues, due to OxygenOS 13?

In addition, many users on the Twitter platform also state that the overall user experience on the OnePlus 10 Pro after OxygenOS 13 upgrade is very smooth and efficient. Thus, we can say that the issue isn’t due to the new firmware. Still, we are looking forward the company to sending improvements and fixes updates for such issues.