Oppo and OnePlus merger: Is it a good or a bad move?

Oppo OnePlus merger

OnePlus is one of the most popular tech makers in the world and is well-known for its tremendous camera framework. So far, the company has also offered some of the best gadgets in the market. However, a variety of things have changed after the giant Oppo and OnePlus merger.

Yes, we are well aware of the fact that Oppo has started serving as a parent industry for OnePlus. Though the company says that it will highly invest in the OnePlus merchandise to expand its fanbase to more regions. But we often find a huge question mark on the OnePlus and Oppo merger.

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Why a question mark? It is so because many consumers believe that this so-called union has badly ruined and degraded the OnePlus smartphone quality. If we go back in time, we will see that the earlier OnePlus gadgets were quite famous among users and remained in a better condition for a long time.

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A good example is the very first smartphone of the company – the OnePlus One. The device had stood on the user’s ground with a bunch of key features including, unique materials, bold design, the famed alert slider, a user-friendly interface, and at the end, a perfect Android skin.

Thereafter, we have seen many such reflections on board. For instance, OnePlus 6, OnePlus 7 series, OnePlus 8T, and the 9th lineup. The manufacturer also achieved the award for the top player in the Indian phone market in 2018 and maintained it well to 2021.

But suddenly the raise in price made the company fall from users’ choice. On the flip side, the similarity between ColorOS 11 and OxygenOS 11 started making gossip among consumers. At last, we found the ultimate decision – Oppo and OnePlus merger on June 2021.

Oppo OnePlus merger

But after the association…

After this association, the results are visible. the unstylish layout, skipping the alert slider, and vulnerable software upgrades have just made the user disappointed. Eventually, this is quite opposite of what OnePlus said about the merger:

“This integration will allow for faster, more stable software updates, as well as access to more resources. We have a unique group of tech-savvy users, so we will continue customizing the OnePlus experience to meet their needs in many ways.”

It’s quite difficult to say whether Oppo has a bad influence on OnePlus or not. However, it is crystal clear that after Oppo association with OnePlus, the company has not scored well.

This year, there are chances that OnePlus could make a good comeback with its ultra-dynamic handset – OnePlus 11, and the most-awaited software – OxygenOS 13.1. Although, the tech giant has to make some severe and noticeable changes that can bring it back into the positive limelight.