OxygenOS 13.1 should bring this tiny feature back to OnePlus phones

OnePlus OxygenOS 13.1 tiny feature

OnePlus has wrapped up the New Product Launch Event in China and has started hammering its hands for the OnePlus 11 global release. No doubt, after the global march, we will find the most-discussed OxygenOS 13.1 on board with some brilliant features. But despite huge implements, the company should also focus on bringing back a tiny feature on the OnePlus OxygenOS 13.1 operating system.

Yes, a tiny feature that may not add much difference to your smartphone. Still, it will play a vital role in operating and accessing various tasks easily. This feature is related to the gesture section which often proves a beneficial addition to every device. With comprehensive motions and gestures, one can efficiently complete some tasks that require a long process to be done.

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To be specific, this feature is none other than the bottom ‘back’ gesture that appeared with OxygenOS 11 version but vanished in the latest OxygenOS 13 operating system. So far, we come across a handful of users that are demanding the respective gesture back on the device. On the other hand, a user even reported how the removal of this gesture in the new build has simply made things unusable.

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“My biggest point in this version is the removal of the bottom ‘back’ gestures, for which I have to use side gestures. In a lot of apps, this is simply unusable. For instance, Gmail, Instagram, and more, where now I have to reach all the way over my screen to push a button, instead of simply sideswiping like you could on OxygenOS 11.”

Another user requested the gesture where swiping up and holding the search icon resulted in the pop-up action of the app. Well, these are just tiny gestures that once made their way with the previous OxygenOS versions and didn’t appear in the OxygenOS 13. Looks like OnePlus users are recalling the features and want them back with the forthcoming OxygenOS 13.1 upgrade.

Although the Chinese manufacturer has aligned several thoughtful motions in the new operating system. Yet we anticipate that OnePlus should bring back this tiny gesture feature on the OxygenOS 13.1. What else would you like to see in the next OxygenOS version? Let us know in the comment section.

OnePlus OxygenOS 13.1 tiny feature

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