OnePlus! Why OxygenOS 13 still not available to many OnePlus 10 Pro users?

OnePlus 10 Pro users were quite excited when they heard that their phone is the first to receive the stable OxygenOS 13 build. However, the happiness now turned into grief, as the tech maker still has not released the major iteration for the 10 Pro models in several regions.

Accordingly, the countries mainly include a few regions of North America, Europe, India, and the Global boundaries. Ironically, OnePlus has initiated the Android 13-based firmware rollout for the respective devices in September 2022.

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But it looks like, the gigantic OxygenOS 13 upgrade took more than expected time to reach the OnePlus 10 Pro users. Eventually, the company is still releasing the stable update in batches for the mentioned devices.

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More than a question, it’s a shocking statement about why the tech maker took so long for pushing off the latest 13 version for its so-called “high-end” gadgets. In regards to the OxygenOS 13 update overview, a user said the following words:

“Being the flagship device when OOS 13 was released, that too in September, it’s completely unacceptable to still have it released in batches. There are many people using 10 Pro who are still stuck at OOS12. This isn’t the way people should be treated who buy flagship devices.”

OxygenOS 13 OnePlus 10 Pro users

Meanwhile, series like OnePlus 9, OnePlus 8, and even a few Nord handsets have already completed the OOS 13 software rollout cycle. This makes the matter more confusing and irritable for the OnePlus 10 Pro phone holders.

In response to the above statement and many such queries, the manufacturer made some points to clear up the situation:

“This is indeed normal. The OOS13 launch is an incremental push, and during this period, the team will continue to push OOS 12 builds to the members. This is done so we can ensure the system security and user experience of the devices of people who are still using OOS12.”

While the statement makes a little sense to some extent, it does not justify the delay behind the software update. Especially, when the company itself has promised to work and improve the speed of the rollout procedure.

It’s time OnePlus needs to make some worthy changes in its update distribution process. As enhancements in the hardware part alone, will not count as a proper comeback.

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