OnePlus will offer monthly security updates to flagships, but what about mid-range devices?

OnePlus will offer monthly security updates to flagships, but what about mid-range devices?

OnePlus continues to bring thoughtful benefits to its smartphone users. In the latest development, the company is working on a new change in terms of the monthly upgrade procedure for the flagship models. But does OnePlus forget about the mid-range devices and their security updates? Let’s find out.

The story begins with the latest OnePlus update policy announcement. Accordingly, the Chinese tech maker organized the OxygenOS 13 media roundtable event. During the event, the company shared its views and plans regarding the forthcoming smartphone models. While the OEM also uttered words over the next OxygenOS 13 versions alongside.

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OnePlus reported that the 2023 premium devices will get a total of 4 Android OS upgrades and 5 years of security patch support. This change is counted as one extra update in both the monthly and quarterly sections for the flagship devices. In short, it is far better than the traditional update rollout policy.

However, a notable point is that the latest update scheme is only applicable to the devices (excluding Nord models) appearing in the year 2023. So what about the security updates for the OnePlus mid-range devices?

Users’ Expectations

After the official announcement, several users come to the community platform and discussed the modification in the upgrade policy. As per the statements, it looks like users are quite happy and satisfied with the changes in the OnePlus Android OS software update policy.

Although things are not always what they seem. Many consumers expressed their happiness about gaining some extra updates in the coming days. But some users mentioned that it would have been more good if the news has included the existing smartphones as well.

Here are a few highlights that reflect what users were expecting from the latest software update policy:

  • That’s awesome. Would be great if a few older devices will be added to that selected device list.
  • Good news for the longer software support, besting Google even. Although it would be nice if some of the already existing models could get that longer support too.

Also, in comparison to other OEMs such as Google and Samsung, who have not left their old devices in this update distribution race, OnePlus has triggered only the latest and brand-new models. Somewhere, this could be a point of disappointment for consumers holding models like the OnePlus 8 series, the OnePlus 9 lineup, and so on.

OnePlus will offer monthly security updates to flagships, but what about mid-range devices?

OxygenOS 13.1 could be a benefit for mid-rangers

At the event stage, OnePlus also informed a few tugs of the ultimate OxygenOS 13.1 version. The respective firmware is expected to bring a bunch of exciting and useful features to the OnePlus smartphones. Moreover, the input hints that we could find enhanced privacy and security system with OxygenOS 13.1 build.

Being a new software, the company will surely feed the upgrade to its previous phone models. Thus, we can say that OnePlus will offer a handful of benefits to its mid-range device owners in the next year.

Though the company refused to say any word on the update distribution scheme for mid-range smartphones at the moment. Perhaps, the company would have baked the surface with new offerings for all the devices of its family.

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