Files v2 tabbed file manager in Win11 supports native ARM64

Windows 11

Files is a  free third-party open source file manager for Windows 10 / Windows 11. It utilizes the latest features of the Windows platform, including smooth design, seamless updates, and API, to achieve the performance and life cycle behavior expected by users.

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According to the latest report, with the help of Windows on ARM hacker Gustave Monce, the file manager has now been ported to the ARM64 version. It is a native development, not an x64 emulation, so it will run very fast.

Moreover, Win11 Task Manager running on Lumia 950XL shows that Files.exe is the native version of ARM64. Files Twitter stated that the ARM64 version will be included in the next update.

At that time, whether it is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx or Apple M series, you can get a better Win11 file management experience.

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