Google released a new feature of Google Maps for iOS in the holiday season

Google today announced that it will launch a new feature “Area Busyness” for Google Maps for iOS, reminding users of busy and crowded areas around, to help people better shop in the holiday season.

Moreover, Google said that the new Area Busyness feature will be launched in time for this holiday season. In this new feature, Google Maps combines the crowding trends of nearby businesses and locations to let users know when a certain part of a neighborhood and town may be busiest.

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Google said that this feature can help users identify busy areas to avoid, or highlight hotspots when users are not familiar with an area. Furthermore, Google Maps is currently adding a catalog function, which can easily navigate people in shopping malls, airports, bus stops, and other places.

The catalog tab will allow users to view the types of shops in the building, and find airport lounges, parking lots, etc., and other useful information, such as whether a location is open, its rating, and the floor it is located on.

Besides, for restaurants, Google Maps will increase the price range of restaurants. The price information is provided by other Google Maps users so that people can better understand the approximate price of a meal in a certain location.

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