Intel i9-12900HK is supposed to be equipped with a 96EU Xe core graphics card

Notebooks equipped with 12-generation Core H series processors have begun to flow out, and the specifications of this series of processors have gradually become clear.

The latest Geekbench running score shows that the core graphics specifications of the new generation of H series processors seem to have also been improved. The i9-12900HK is finally expected to be equipped with a 96EU Xe core display.

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As shown in the figure, this i9-12900HK is equipped with a 96EU core graphics card. As a comparison, Intel’s current i9-11900H is equipped with a 32EU UHD750. The highest frequency of the i9-12900HK core display is 1300MHz, which is the same as the i7-1165G7 core display specification but is 100MHz slower than the i7-1195G7 core display frequency.

Since this game is equipped with DDR4-3200 memory, the 96EU Xe core display has a lower running score. If you switch to a higher frequency DDR5 memory, the core display performance will be greatly improved.

In terms of CPU parameters, the running score information shows that Intel i9-12900HK adopts a large and small core design, 14 cores and 20 thread specifications, including 6 large cores and 8 small cores; the main frequency is 2.89GHz, the core frequency can reach 4.88GHz, and the level of 24MB is three caches. This series of processors is expected to be released in the first quarter of 2022, and Intel is expected to announce more information on this series of processors at CES 2022.

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