Linksys unveiled the MX5502 WiFi 6 dual-band router

Linksys officially released the VELOP MX5502 WiFi 6 dual-band MESH networking router, which is sold in a package. This product is an upgraded version of the previous dual-band AC1300, supports the WiFi 6 standard, and has 5 built-in antennas. The product supports Linksys iMESH active roaming technology, which enables seamless network coverage at home and brings a good roaming experience.

Moreover, the Lingshi MX5502 router has 6 concurrent data streams, the 2.4G frequency band rate is 574Mbps, the 5G frequency band 4804Mbps, and the total rate is 5400M. The product adopts a simple white rectangular parallelepiped shape, and the top opening is convenient for heat dissipation, realizes air convection, and ensures the continuous and stable operation of the equipment.

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Furthermore, the router supports 160MHz bandwidth, with a capacity of 60 units. The product is equipped with a Qualcomm Cortex A53 architecture chip with 512MB of memory. Lingshi MX5502 router is provided with seamless roaming 2.0 technology, supports active roaming and passive roaming, and multiple devices can be used for home networking.

Besides, the product is compatible with all products of the Linksys iMesh family, routers of different models, and the old WiFi 5 routers, which can also achieve networking. The product also supports 400 phone one-to-one butler services. The Lingshi MX5502 router set is currently available for pre-sale. The original price is RMB 2,059.

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