Microsoft released latest Edge Dev 105 update

Microsoft released the latest Edge Dev 105.0.1300.0 update to the Dev Development Channel. Edge Dev 105.0.1300.0 is now available on desktop platforms and Android, bringing some improvements and bug fixes.


Below is the update

New function

  • A button has been added to the PDF toolbar to share files.

  • Improved trending search in Microsoft Edge with new strategies.

  • Improved reliability.

  • Improved efficiency mode strings and function settings.

  • Improved wording in sleep tab policy to make it clearer when closing/opening.

  • Improved keyboard user experience on Android.

  • Improved option announcements for screen readers’ print dialogs.

  • Improved de-blocking of the entire article after starting reading on Android, now using various color schemes for highlighting under different themes.

  • Improved trending search in Microsoft Edge.


  • Fixed an animation bug on the mobile sync settings page.

  • Fixed an issue when clicking the search box above the Top site on mobile.

According to the release schedule, the Microsoft Edge 105 stable browser will be available the week of September 1, 2022. Microsoft also recently announced several new feature sets for the Edge browser. Additionally, Microsoft has started rolling out the WebView2 Runtime to Windows 10 consumers to make life easier for developers.


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