Microsoft Edge can’t cross 11% share despite being second most popular desktop browser: Statcounter

In addition to publishing the latest data on Windows and other desktop operating systems, Statcounter also released the latest survey results on browsers. The October 2022 report shows no drastic change from previous months, showing that Microsoft Edge will struggle to break the 11% market share.

According to Statcounter, Google Chrome unsurprisingly remains the browser juggernaut, despite losing 1.12 percentage points in October 2022. Microsoft Edge is the second most popular desktop browser in the world with a share of 10.85% (+0.05 percentage points), which has remained relatively unchanged for the past five months.

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Apple’s Safari browser ranks third with a 9.38% share (+0.45 percentage points). The Firefox browser ranked fourth with a 7.05% share (-0.22 percentage points) and Opera ranked fifth with a 3.61% share (+0.67 percentage points). IT House has learned that IE still holds about 0.8% of the global desktop browser market. Microsoft plans to disable IE11 on specific Windows 10 versions after February 14, 2023.


  • Google Chrome: 66.46% (-1.12)

  • Microsoft Edge: 10.85% (+0.05)

  • Apple Safari: 9.38% (+0.45)

  • Mozilla Firefox: 7.05% (-0.22)

  • Opera: 3.61% (+0.67)

On the mobile side of the browser market, things are a little different. Most users are choosing between Google Chrome and Apple’s Safari browser, while Microsoft Edge is stuck in the “Other” section, with a market share too small to show in the charts.

  • Google Chrome: 65% (-0.23)

  • Apple Safari: 25.11% (+0.49)

  • Samsung Internet: 4.63% (-0.06)

  • Opera: 1.81% (-0.05)

  • UC Browser: 1.06% (-0.11)

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