Microsoft Win11 Dev preview has found an unknown bug: Report

Windows 11

The Windows system of the Dev channel also has many bugs, some of which may be very interesting. Recently, some insiders noticed an unusual bug in Win11 Dev Preview Build 22494. Win11 incorrectly reported that the battery power of the laptop exceeded 100%. This is obviously physically impossible, at least not currently possible.

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As shown in the picture above, a Reddit user named GlitchyDragon65 posted a screenshot of his desktop. The battery level shows 115% and it is running Build 22494 version of Win11.

Another Reddit user, Zondax, also posted a similar picture. The battery level showed 103%, which was later increased to 104%.

Fortunately, Microsoft engineer Jennifer Gentleman has noticed these posts and said that this issue is being investigated because there have been many reports of this error. Interestingly, she also confirmed that this battery shows that the bug also exists in the older Dev version.

Moreover that Win11 Dev Preview Build 22494  adds a one-key mute microphone function to the taskbar, supports the display of snapshot groups in the task view, and fixes the bug that tooltips appear in random positions on the taskbar.

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