Microsoft’s free toolset PowerToys v0.49 version launched

The official version of Microsoft’s free toolset PowerToys v0.49 has been pushed, bringing many changes. The new version uses a brand-new Win11 style UI interface, and the animation effects of the software are also unified with the native applications.

The new version of PowerToys adds the function of quickly finding the position of the mouse cursor, which can be opened by double-clicking the left Ctrl key twice

With the increasing resolution of computer monitors, it is sometimes difficult for users to find the position of the cursor on the screen. In addition, for users with poor eyesight, this feature can also help them improve the efficiency of computer use.

Moreover, there is also an option for this feature to prevent this feature from being enabled in game mode to prevent the screen from dimming and affecting the gaming experience.

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Furthermore, the PowerRename renaming tool has also gained a new Win11 style interface, which is easier to use. In addition, the tool adds regular expression help and file format hints.

Microsoft continues to improve the mute function of video conferencing. Currently, this function has come to the stable version. Users can use shortcut keys to turn off the camera and microphone with one click, or they can control them individually. In addition, the function also provides a floating gadget, which can also be controlled with the mouse.

In addition, the PowerToys color picker tool has also been updated. The hexadecimal format of the color no longer contains the “#” character, which solves the input problem in some cases. 

The official said that it understands the habit of some users who like to add # before the color code, but Microsoft believes that canceling the display of the # character will get a better experience. In addition, Microsoft will add a button in the future, users can manually choose whether to display “#” before the color code.

Besides, this update also improves the font clarity of some options. The setting window can adjust the size and position of the window as needed when the multi-monitor environment changes. Fixed many problems of FancyZones; fixed the crash problem of keyboard manager under 4K display.

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