Sony and Vodafone will jointly carry out 5G environment driving test of VISION-S prototype car

Sony Group and Vodafone Germany this month started a 5G environment driving test of the VISION-S prototype at a test field in Yardenhoven, Germany.

Sony VISION-S prototype car is equipped with a 5G network connection, which allows a continuous connection between the in-vehicle system and the cloud to synchronize data and control signals, and perform OTA (over-the-air) updates to the system.

Sony will conduct driving tests to verify the low-latency transmission of various sensor data obtained from the vehicle to the cloud and the possibility of real-time control password transmission from the cloud to the vehicle and to optimize the communication environment of the vehicle through verification and research and development, even if they are in In high-speed operation.

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Sony stated that in order to maximize the performance of 5G in the actual environment, the shape and layout of the antenna and the modem control in the TCU (Internet of Vehicles Control Unit) must be optimized to achieve uninterrupted connection even when driving across base stations.

In this project, Sony will apply various technologies and expertise accumulated in the research and development of smartphones over the years, including the hardware and software design of communication systems, the formulation of communication quality evaluation indicators, and the analysis of propagation characteristics in the field tests. In the field of mobile travel technology development.

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