Tesla launched Model Y without waist support and cancels the standard variant

On June 1st, a number of Tesla Model Y owners reported that their new cars were not equipped with passenger seat lumbar support when they were delivered. It is unclear whether this is a production problem or Tesla has canceled the standard features of luxury cars.

Unlike most automakers, Tesla does not comply with industry standards, which is to update the car once a year and introduce new models towards the end of the calendar year. Instead, Tesla will improve on production vehicles when they are ready.

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For customers trying to get the latest Tesla cars, this complicates the situation, but it is difficult for them to complain because these changes are usually made to make electric cars better.

However, there are exceptions. In recent days, many Tesla Model Y buyers have reported that the passenger seat is not equipped with lumbar support when picking up the car. The photo shows that the lumbar support control has been replaced by fillers. Tesla has not released any information about this change, so far, this seems to only affect the new Model Y cars.

The lumbar support may seem like a small function, but if you know how to use it correctly, it is actually very useful for long-distance driving. Lumbar support has also become a standard feature in high-end cars. Model Y falls into this category, with a starting price of US$52,000.

It is still unclear whether this is a permanent change of Tesla, the decision to remove this feature from the passenger side, or the result of production or supply issues. Earlier this month, it was reported that Tesla was experiencing a shortage of parts supply, resulting in more than 10,000 cars being shelved. It is unclear whether the two are related.

Tesla has not yet responded, but BMW sources confirmed that their X3 has the same problem due to supply shortages. However, BMW is offering discounts for cars without lumbar support. It is unclear whether Tesla plans to cancel the configuration later for those users who do not use this feature.

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